We at fmasarovic are always grateful for our success that has only been possible because of our loyal clients. We take none of this for granted and that’s why we are committed to giving back through our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

For every sale made, fmasarovic will donate 1% to Kôň ako koníček, a Slovakian based charity that is dedicated to caring for children with special needs as well as those who have been physically and mentally abused. Every child at Kôň ako koníček receives much needed love and compassion, which is equally as important as medical care. Although the organization operates with very limited funds, the dedication to the welfare of the children is limitless.

You may be asking “Why Slovakia?” Our founder, Freddie Masarovic, was born and raised in Slovakia and felt compelled to give back to his home country in the most direct and impactful way.

So to you our client, know that every purchase you make will make a difference in the lives of Slovakian children who would otherwise be forgotten.

Thank you very much!

Freddie Masarovic
Founder & CEO